Normal or small incense

It depends on the size of the smoker

You have to choose the size of the icence cones you want to use depending on the smoker.

Incense cones size XXL are not suitable for standard smokers. Please use a small ceramic or tin plate for the safe fumigating of these incense cones.

Regardless of this, smokers also need love. Especially „chain smokers“ take pleasure in an occasional throat cleaning.

Incense cones size M for large smokers

Normal incense cones (size M) should only be used for figures of at least 18cm height. 

Incense cones size S for small smokers

Smaller figures from about 12 cm height correspond better to the mini smoking candles. The usual aromatic candles could not only „suffocate“ in the small figures, the heat development would cause damage to the figure.