How are incense cones produced today?

From raw material to incense cone

The main raw material is charcoal or wood flour.

In addition, there are various selected natural resins (e.g. myrrh, olibanum, benzoin), scented woods (e.g. cinnamon, sandalwood), various herbs, berries and aromatic oils, which give the incense cone its pleasant scent.

Water-soluble, non-toxic food colours are used for colouring.

The whole is bound with a natural binding ragent and water. The resulting dough is shaped into the classic incense cone form.

The KNOX incense cones are then gently dried at approx. 34°C in the drying oven.

Then defective cones or cones that do not correspond to the shape are sorted out by hand.

Thus it is guaranteed that only the most beautiful incense cones come into the packaging and also to your home.