Incense cone fragrances

Discover our variety of fragrances

Tastes differ – this also affects the sense of smell. But with our wide range of fragrances, every nose will find the right fragrance – and not just at Christmas time.

Classic & tart

The thought of incense cones drives the pleasant and warm smell of incense and myrrh into the noses. The spicy fir scent also brings back memories of the peacefully smoking „Raachermannl“ at Christmas time. The bewitching warm scent of sandalwood and the slightly sweet smell of honey round off the range of our classic & tart flavours.

Christmas Spices

Christmas – the ultimate time for seductive flavours. Just imagine the bewitching scents of gingerbread, marzipan, baked apple and of course cinnamon hanging in the air. Enjoy the Christmas variety of aromas with our Christmas fragrance range – whenever you feel like it. Our mulled wine, fire tongs punch and roasted almonds also create a cosy Christmas atmosphere.


Our exotic varieties prove that incense cones are not only a companion through Christmas season: Sweet like patchouli, oriental like opium, fresh like green tea or aromatic like the scent of Caffè Latte. Enjoy the fragrances as you wish – also at Christmas time, of course.

Flowery & fruity

Incense cones in spring or summer? Sure! Especially with our fruity and flowery varieties this does not have to be a contradiction. Fruity like exotic pineapple or fresh green apple – flowery like violets and lavender. Be sure to give it a try and let us convince you!