Tharandt Forest & Mohorn

Municipality of Mohorn/town of Wilsdruff with the districts of Grund and Herzogswalde

Rest, leisure, sport, recreation and health for everyone

Mohorn/Wilsdruff is situated close to the Tharandter Wald and the romantic meadows of the Triebischtal. Numerous well-marked paths lead through a varied and charming landscape. They invite you for walks and hikes by foot, bike or horse in all seasons. Geological features such as the porphyry fan or the old silver mine „Archangel Michael“ bear witness to former volcanoes and silver mining in past centuries.

Beautiful old half-timbered buildings, mills, numerous restaurants, our incense cones museum, a golf course, an ultra-light aviation school with airfield and last but not least the newly created sports facilities (4-track federal bowling alley, SV WACKER Mohorn sports field, forest pool with solar-heated water surface) in Mohorn-Grund are a popular destination for locals and visitors.

City administration of Wilsdruff
OT Mohorn-Grund
Nossener Straße 20
01723 Wilsdruff
Phone: 035204 463-0
Fax: 035204 463-600


Hike "Former mills of the region"

On the tracks of former mills in the Triebischtal (1)

In search of the old mills in Triebischtal (1)
(Grillenburg or Hetzdorf) - Grund - Mohorn - Herzogswalde - Helbigsdorf -Blankenstein - Tanneberg (approx. (20) 15 km) continuing on to Meissen (approx. 35 km)

Mohorn-Grund (KOM/RVD=bus/Regional Transit Dresden), parking lot, map, customer service/visitor information "Alte Schule") - Am Tharandter Wald - former "Nieder or Hammermühle" (behind KNOX incense factory) - forest and water park Grund (287 m, parking lot, bowling alley) - road to Mohorn

The starting point is the red point to Tanneberg) - Mohorn - Tharandter Wald (the "Landstreicher" inn, "Talschänke", village church, bus, parking lot in town along the B173, 300 m) - "Schubert-/Steinnußmühle" - Freiberger Str./B173 (KOM/RVD, hunting lodge "Tännichtmühle", the "Triebischtal" inn) - technical monument former narrow-gauge railway (bike and hiking trail) - former narrow-gauge railway (soldier's graves), turn towards Herzogswalde ("Träbnermühle", memorial stone 1945, KOM/RVD, tourist information castle, village church, golf course and inn in the town on the B 173, 280m) - former narrow-gauge railway (protected area "Triebischtäler") - former "Semmelmühle" (262m) - "Silberstaße" - Helbigsdorf (chapel, KOM in town, 250 m) - archaeological memorial former "Kirstenmühle" - former "Dieterichmühle" (234 m) - Blankenstein - former "Krillemühle" (241 m) Mühlweg - TD of old lime kiln (village church, AD former castle and KOM/RVD in town, 260m), the "Dessauer Mühle" inn, former "Niedermühle" Tanneberg - former "Eulenmühle" - road to Wilsdruff-Nossen (225 m, the "Triebischtalbaude" inn (cozy rustic stop), KOM/RVD, parking lot, tourist information castle and village church in town, 274 m)

On the tracks of former mills in the Triebischtal (2)

Herzogswalde - Mohorn - Grund - Grillenburg or Hetzdorf (approx. 8 - 15 km)

Starting at Herzogswalde KOM/RVD via the Landberg or from Mohorn(B173 exit), one reaches Grund, a small, idyllic town with an earlier mining tradition. There, exploration for silver was conducted in the 17th and 18th centuries. Various geological outcropping still bear witness to this today. Further on, you proceed up the valley along the "Triebischbach" (Triebisch Creek) in the direction of Grillenburg (the "Zum Keiler" inn) or turn right along the "Herrenbach" (Herren Creek) in the direction of Herrendorf /Hetzdorf.

There, as in Grund, a modern swimming pool can be found with various stop-ins (inn and bed & breakfast "Sumpfmühle" / "Bergschlösschen").

Pension "Sumpfmühle" KOM / RVD

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